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WES Mackay are Air Conditioning Experts!

Have you met Rich? Rich is our fully qualified Refrigeration Mechanic with over 9 years experience in the job. We can supply and install air conditioning systems in residential homes for every room of the house. We are approved & accredited installers through the Australian Refrigeration Council Ltd – Lic No AU23767. We choose to supply and install Daikin and Teco air conditioning systems.

Daikin are the leaders in air conditioning technology and one of Australia’s most trusted names. Teco are also great air conditioners and offer a cheaper alternative. We can supply and install Split System Units, Cassettes, Multi Head Units and VRV’s.  Choosing the right system for the job is important for long term energy efficiency so we can assess your air conditioning needs and advise which type and size unit is best suited for the area.

We back our quality workmanship and products offering 5 years extended manufacturer’s warranty; we can service and repair what we sell.



Keep your business and employees working comfortably without interruption with a regular air conditioning maintenance and service plan with WES Mackay.

Preventative maintenance and regular servicing of your air conditioning and ventilation equipment can:

  • Reduce energy consumption
  • Extend the life of your equipment
  • Keep your building’s environment healthy
  • Help find problems before they occur

Designed to exceed Australian standards, our service programs provide priority response times and same day response to emergency breakdowns. So, whenever a crisis hits, you can depend on WES Mackay to get on the job right away and fix the problem quickly.

WES Mackay is a Daikin stockists which means we have access to Daikins top quality commercial air conditioning systems. Call today to find out more information, we can arrange a free design and quote to suit your needs. Click here to view quality Daikins products.

We have a highly experienced team and our primary mission is to not just meet our clients’ expectations, but to exceed them.



With the hot and humid summer we feel in Mackay, our air conditioners certainly get a good workout!

The majority of breakdowns we attend to are usually caused by drain blockages from algae and mould build up. We found that nearly all of these air conditioners have not been serviced in recent years.  These breakdowns could have very easily been prevented had the unit been serviced on a regular basis.

Three important reasons why servicing is a must:

1 – Better for the environment
Drains filled with algae and mould lower the energy efficiency of the air conditioner. Clogged air filters will also force the unit to work harder using more energy while delivering less cooling.   The extra energy created by an inefficient unit will pollute the environment therefore creating more greenhouse gas emissions contributing to global warming.

2 – Better for your wallet
Better for your wallet: Regular servicing of your air conditioning units will help improve energy efficiency by speeding up the cooling off process therefore reducing the running times and saving money. By carrying out a full strip & clean of your air conditioner, you can save the cost of expensive breakdowns in the future. Not to mention the lengthy time delays waiting for part in the heat of summer!

3 – Better for your health
The units air filters accumulate a lot of dust, pollen, mould and other impurities which can aggravate allergies or worse, cause illness. Keeping the air conditioner filters clean and dust-free will improve the quality of cool air blowing from the unit that we are breathing in.

General Service consists of:

  • General check of air conditioner unit to ensure it is working on all unit functions
  • Clean and deodorize the filters
  • Clean and treatment of the indoor evaporator coil to kill bacteria
  • Check and clean the drain pans and drain hoses
  • Check and clean the outside condenser cowlings as required
  • Check the gas where required
  • Check the installation of exposed refrigeration pipes

Major Service Consists of:

  • All of the above in a general service, plus:
  • Full strip and clean of the barrel fan
  • Full strip and clean of the fan cowling


General Service:

  • $99 to service one split system or box air conditioner at the property.
  • $88 per unit to service two or more split system or box air conditioners at the property.

Major Service:

  • $143 to service one split system or box air conditioner at the property
  • $132 per unit to service two or more split system or box air conditioners at the property
  • $143 to service a ducted system

** Major Service will only be carried out if required
** Prices are for Mackay
** If faults are found and parts are required, this will be at an additional cost
** Annual servicing will be carried out during May – September months

Please note that servicing will help prevent future problems, however it is not a 100% guarantee that it will stop any future breakdowns.


At WES Mackay, we love selling Daikin and Teco Air Conditioning systems because we can offer the after sales service to repair what we sell if ever the occasion arises. If you have purchased an air conditioning system through WES Mackay and there is a fault, contact us today to arrange a time to inspect and repair.

If you don’t see your particular requirement mentioned above, we complete all kinds of domestic, commercial and industrial repairs and installations, so please call our office to discuss your requirements and we’ll be sure to help!


Of course this is just a quick overview of the services we offer. We prefer to use local and trusted companies to supply us with our quality products. WES Mackay work with these trustworthy suppliers:

– Daikin
– Teco

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