Ryan and Kacey Blyth,

We would like to provide testament to the outstanding customer service and support within a timely manner on every occasion I have used WES Mackay while conducting extensive renovations and repairs on my public residence. I have used all three divisions (Electrical, Plumbing and Refrigeration) of WES Mackay at different periods and both my wife and I have found all Employees to be extremely helpful, polite and courteous at all times. Some of the jobs conducted during their work at my residence include installation of Five split system air conditioner units which were not standard installs they required the internal units to be mounted on one side of the house and the outdoor units to be mounted over the other side to achieve maximum thermal efficiency and ensure the outdoor unit did not intrude into the deck area. They were also direct replacement of Box air conditioning units for which the guys co-ordinated with the brickies to ensure the job was completed with minimal fuss and to the highest quality finish. Also installation of a home entertainment amp, speakers and outdoor TV unit which included also installing a number of PowerPoints, flush mount speakers etc. At this time a number of lights were also installed in the eaves of the house to allow better lighting around the exterior which is not an easy job to say the least. They also diagnosed the root cause of a soaring power bill and saved me over $350 a quarter with minimal repairs required. It could have been quite easy to recommend replacing the hot water system as was found to be faulty; however they went the extra mile and identified that the Thermostat and Relief were not working correctly and recommended they be replaced. It is without hesitation that we recommend all members of the WES Mackay Team and WES Mackay as a company to any member/ business in the community looking for outstanding service that is both cost effective and of superior quality. Thanks So much,